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Since 1950s, the first generation of the woven gauntlets has been developed, which was boosting the improvement of the tubular lead acid batteries. Till now, woven gauntlets are still playing the important roles for tubular positive plates.

JINXIN woven gauntlets are manufactured with high intensity polyester yarn and the specified resin. To supply the most reliable products, JINXIN strictly control the production whole process, including weaving, coating, formation, cutting, testing, and packing. All  machinery are made by JINXIN. 

JINXIN woven gauntlets have the following characteristics: 

 · Better performance for the cycles life, can up to 1500 cycles. 

·Low electrical resistance even though with a closed fabric structure.

·Easy to fill with the power or paste, due to it’s hardness and smooth surface.

·High mechanical strength.

·Can be more stable and elastic even in high duty application and in high temperature.

·High oxidation resistance.

Literal Finish:                                                              Tube shapes:                             


Round Shape6.jpg

Square Shape7.jpg

 Rectangle Shape9.jpg


    Oval Shape 1534494037(1).jpg

ISM: The last two half tubes are sealed by increasing the weaving density. Should avoid short circuits between the positive and the negative. 

Other lateral finishes on request.

Inner Diameter, Tube Number, Pitches can all be customized. 

Inner Diameter: (6.0mm~9.0mm) 

Tube Number:   (11~48) 

Pitches:              (7.2~10.5) 

Length:               up to 2m 

1.png  2.png  3.png  4.png

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